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Dragon Gate Inn is an Alliance raiding guild on Perenolde (US).

We strive to maintain a focused but casual approach to raiding. Typically Dragon Gate Inn raids Tuesday-Thursday (9-11 server time) during progression. We are currently recruiting for Warlords of Draenor in hopes of filling out our roster for mythic raiding; most applicants will be considered and offered a tryout. If you are interested in applying please click the link on the right hand side. If you have any questions about the guild or the application process you can contact Lunchbox in game.
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DGI 6.0 Patch Notes

by Mavendreas, 176 days ago

A fresh start and a new approach

With a new expansion on the horizon and many guild members returning this is the perfect opportunity to change how the guild in a way that makes WoW more fun for all. After talking with many people and what they want out of WoW these days it seems that in general they just want to raid with friends and progress. Most do not want to try and kill themselves for server firsts as long as they are having fun playing a game that they enjoy. So below are the changes that I am making in hopes to keep the guild and WoW fun while trying to make the guild more stable than ever. 


The guild is forever in beta and anything in the following notes are subject to change. Feedback is encouraged. This is the only wall of text I will be doing this expansion. All "strats" will be video only.



There were far too many ranks in the guild that just didn't mean anything. So I wiped out about 4 ranks and streamlined most of the process. I also removed various banking privileges to lower levels, there was far too much junk in the guild bank. Below are the ranks and what they can do.

  • Officer 
    • We have far less officers than before
    • 400 Gold repairs a day, full bank access, officer chat, invite people, yadda yadda
    • Current officers are Mishau, Lunchbox, and Brewman
    • Officer chat is for guild related business only. When it started to include raid related chat it felt like it was sometimes separating the group.
    • For transparency's sake, all Veteran Raiders can view officer chat so that they know what is going on in the guild.

We have spots open for Guild bank officer, Guild events coordinator, and possibly one more loot council member. If you'd like to apply for it or nominate someone just talk to Mave.


  • Veteran Raider 
    • If you've been in the guild for a long time and you raid, you are likely here
    • 400 Gold a day for repairs, mostly full guild bank access, can invite people and all of that.


  • Raider
    • If you raid, you're here.
    • 400 gold a day in repairs, full access to first half of bank, can deposit in raid tabs. Can invite friends to the guild.


  •  Member
    • You're in the guild but maybe you dont want to raid fulltime. Still welcome in flex runs.
    • You can create guild events, and are welcome to any items in the first few bank tabs. If you can access it, you can have it.
    • Added bonus! You are allowed to be in the same guild as Lunchbox the great and powerful.


  • Friend
    • This is for people who are in the guild just because they know someone but don't really want to participate in any guild events or raids. You just do your thing (wo)man.
    • You can take out limited items in the first few bank tabs. If you enjoy the guild ask to become a member!
    • Guild has like 100 friend characters and I'm too lazy to merge this with member rank.


  • Alt
    • This is for alts of members and friends.
    • Similar benefits to both ranks.




  • Raids are on a tentative schedule of Monday - Thursday from 9 - 11 PM Server time.

  • We may cut Mondays if that is too much for some people. We may also cut it if people want to do Cranch's Challenges (More on this in its respective section below).

  • First raid tier opens up on December 2nd, 3 weeks after launch of expansion.

  • First month of raids, until early January will be very casual due to the busy holiday season. Many including myself cannot raid during these times.

  • Normal (Old flex) and Heroic (Old Normal) both function like Flex so even if people are missing you can still raid as a guild.

  • Once January hits we will start pushing harder. 

  • We will be using Mumble for voice chat. It has better voice quality and latency compared to Vent plus it's much cheaper. I will be setting up a Digital Ocean droplet for it soon. If you would like to help donate to keep it running it only costs me 5 dollars a month so anything helps.


What's expected from me in a raid?


  • Be prepared. Know the next boss or 2 by watching videos. They will be posted on this site.

  • Have enchanted gear, potions and flasks. Feasts will be made available by the guild.

  • Nobody's perfect (except Tenso) so you don't have to be a machine in raids. People make mistakes and I don't really care if you make them. But after you make them just learn from it.

  • Just do what I say. If I ask you to interrupt, dispel, or kill adds it's not because I want to lower your rank on the meters. If I ask you to do something it means that I trust you to do it and the raid is probably counting on it.

  • Popping Hero at the wrong time or during trash is now officially called pulling a "Lunch". If you start Lunching a bunch you might be yelled at.

  • Honestly just have fun. Talk in vent, make fun of Lunch or Nub. We're all spending a lot of time raiding so you should definitely be enjoying it. 


 What's a loot council and why did they steal my baby?


  • Loot council will only be used in Mythic (Old Heroic) difficulty and only for the first 3 boss kills.
  • The reasoning behind this is so that if a really important piece of loot drops such as a weapon or trinket it goes to the right person in the raid.

  • Loot council does add some time however so after 3 kills I start to consider that boss on farm and it will be back to regular rolls.

  • The members I have chosen for the council will hopefully be seen as objective players who value progression over anything else. 

  • There are 3 members on the council now but I would like to add a 4th. Currently they are Mishau, Brewman, and Mavendreas.

  • The loot council works as follows:
    1. Boss dies, yay!
    2. Mave will link which piece of loot is being decided for.
    3. All interested players will link their current items in Raid chat.
    4. The council will begin weighing the situation either in a separate Mumble channel or Officer chat. I am unsure of which to use at the moment. Officer chat provides more transparency with the reasoning behind it but it may be slower.
    5. The factors in determining who the loot goes to in order of value is attendance> preparedness>how much of an upgrade>performance>best in slot?>Time since last piece of loot?
    6. In the case that all of those are even, whoever is better looking gets the loot. Send your selfies to Mishau.
    7. We proceed to next piece of loot.
  •   I'm looking for active feedback on this process. I am trying to make it as fair and transparent as possible. People are happy when they get loot, but someone has to lose in that. I'd rather loot goes to the right people so that we can progress and everyone wins.

 Cranch's Challenges


Being a guild is really more than just raiding together. Too often it seems that Blizzard has set the game up so people log on for raids, do some dailies, maybe afk and then log. That doesn't seem like a lot of fun. So I am proposing a set of weekly guild challenges with gold rewards to get people doing more together.

Weekly challenges with rewards ranging from 5-25K gold. Type of challenge should be varied week to week. The prize will either be evenly spread among the winning teams or to an individual. Prizing structure will likely change from week to week.

I think we can have a lot of fun and be creative with this so I'll open up a thread dedicated to new ideas for them.

Each week there will be a poll with a selection of challenges that were come up by guildies and the winner by Tuesday will be that week's challenge. It will be listed in Message of the Day.

Here are the challenges that I have in mind so far:

  • Tenso's Tournament

    • Do you wanna be the very best? Like only Tenso was? Then this Pet battle tournament is for you!
    • All interested parties would gather in an old raid (Likely Cataclysm or MoP) to challenge each other. 
    • Process by elimination. People are matched and when you lose you leave the raid. When all of the winners emerge then they kill the boss and begin the next rounds of matches.
    • Killing bosses will become progressively harder as more players leave the raid until only a few remain. Final two contestants will take down last boss and then figure out who is the very best!
  •  Competitive challenge mode

    • This requires less people to be online at a given time. Break off into 5 man groups comprised of guild only members.
    • 1 specific dungeon chosen for the week. The best time wins.
    • Doing this gives people more interest in challenge modes and if we have some good times it makes the guild look better.


  •  Various PvP challenges

    • Rated battlegrounds led by Nub (probably) Completing 5 rated BG's that week, win or lose will gain everyone some gold. The MVP will get extra and should be voted on by other players. They could have the most killing blows, epic heals, or flag caps.
    • Arena could have competing teams in 2's or 3's and whoever wins the most out of 10 matches gets the gold.
    • I haven't played around in Ashran yet but I am sure there is a way to make that competitive as well. Maybe capturing tower points.


  • Old Content and Guild achievements

    • We could back and do Heroic Throne of Thunder as a guild or Heart of Fear. This will let us see some of that content, get the guild a pet if it goes with it, participating players may get achievement mounts, and the guild will get achievement points.
    • I want that damn 8th bank tab. There may be a gnome leveling challenge to get us that stay classy bonus.


  •  Proving Grounds Challenges

    • Show the guild you know what's up by proving yourself in the proving grounds. Just send in a screenshot of your highest level completed in whatever role you choose.


There's a lot more that can be done with that but those are just some quick ideas. We could even have Nub go stealth and hide somewhere in the mountains. First one that finds him gets some gold and a lifelong friend.

Probably more but I'm done for now

I believe that covers most of the changes to the guild. I really want some feedback on it by those few of you who actually read it all. The goal is definitely to make the guild feel more like a guild and keep things fun. When people keep having fun, raids and everything else tends to go smoothly.

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