About Dragon Gate Inn
Dragon Gate Inn is an Alliance raiding guild on Perenolde (US).

We strive to maintain a focused but casual approach to raiding. Typically Dragon Gate Inn raids Monday-Thursday (9-11 server time) during progression, and Monday-Wednesday (9-11 server time) when we have achieved farm status. We are not currently recruiting, but any exceptional applications will certainly be considered. If you are interested in applying please click the link on the left hand side. If you have any questions about the guild you can contact Lunchbox in game.
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Heroic Fallen Protectors Down!

by Alurt1, 135 days ago

Great job on the 3 shot team!


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Heroic Immerseus down!

by Alurt1, 162 days ago

Artist representation may not be accurate.



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Garrosh Down!

by Alurt1, 176 days ago


Garrosh down. Good job guys!

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